Tucker Carlson, Freedom Fighter

Tucker Carlson of Fox News, former bow-tie fashion model and current working-class freedom fighter wants you to get angry about facemasks. Tucker knows what’s best and is just asking questions. He reports from an authentic American log cabin. Get Angry Americans – the angrier you get, the more attention you give little Tucker and theContinue reading “Tucker Carlson, Freedom Fighter”

Protect Yourself from Moloch with a Satanic Mask

It is well known that Democrats worship Moloch – the baby eating god of the Canaanites. This is documented here by this well-written article by David Crowe on the patriotic website Restore America. David Crowe graduated from a university and is freshly shaved and well-dressed in a suit so he is smart. David Crowe startedContinue reading “Protect Yourself from Moloch with a Satanic Mask”