American Patriots Unite!

This is OUR time – to defend OUR values, OUR traditions and, of course…the Constitution!

WE shall adorn ourselves with red, white & blue accessories and publicly and proudly flagsturbate to the tune of the Star Spangled Banner as we practice OUR cosmetic patriotism.

WE shall worship a flag.

WE shall get excited about statues.

WE are the real Americans!!

(buy a Satanic Mask please)

Who is Q?

Is it Satoshi Nakamoto? It is Richard Nixon’s resurrected zombie body?

Or is it the weird son of a sleazy American expat pig famer living in Japan?

Everything is connected!

There are no coincidences!

Look for meaning and patterns in everything!

….and buy a Satanic Mask – now!


You’ve heard of it….but what is it? Its the hormone that Hollywood and liberal media elites are boiling aborted fetuses to extract and consume. WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT IT?? HOW CAN YOU SAVE THE CHILDREN??

There is one clear way – you can buy a Satanic Mask – which will protect you from the vibrations, waves, and frequencies – and maybe the fake corona virus too.

With each Satanic Mask purchase, you will feel most holy knowing that 0.01% of the purchase price will be donated to starving children in Norway.

Bill Gates of Hell mask

Do you remember that awkward/nerdy kid from math class? The kid who we used to push around sometimes after school?

Well, he started a company doing stuff with computers and got really rich. Like, seriously wealthy.

As a matter of fact, he designed some of the software that you are using to view this right now….but this guy is certainly up to no good. Do you have a minute? Can I tell you what I found on YouTube?

Bill Gates – Gates of Hell – Satanic mask – coming soon….