REAL American masks?

We know that facemasks are a poorly disguised attempt to indoctrinate us into the OCCULT and THEIR New World Order Agenda!

But we can fight back by telling the TRUTH!!

And we can be REAL American patriots at the same time!

Although wearing facemasks is OCCULT….YOU can defeat the NWO mask agenda and THEIR mask/vaccine mandates (while making the New World Order Police think you are complying….haha, wink…wink) with a REAL American Mask which emits anti-occult HEALING patriotic vibrations.

If you are going to wear a mask, make it a REAL American Mask!

We Love OUR Military!

We love the USA Military. That’s why we line the streets and paint ourselves in the patriotic colors of the flag several times a year – from Memorial Day, to Veterans Day to the 4th of July. We adorn ourselves with colors and slogans and proudly repeat the slogans and sing the traditional songs.

We respect our military service members so much that we send them abroad into foreign lands to act out in real life the desk-dreamed fantasies of conservative-Christian think tanks (like the Heritage Foundation)… that we can live FREE in America!

We send them into foreign adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan (Vietnam) and vote for the patriotic politicians who respect our military (unlike the evil America-hating democrats). When they die there we honor them with beautiful flags on the coffins and gift them with nice speeches about how they died fighting to defend our constitutional freedoms in the United States – although we can’t explain what that means.

We empower politicians who boldly and fearlessly put our sons and daughters into these dangerous situations so that military contractors and their shareholders can profit – because capitalism is patriotic. We need to protect “American interests” ….the interests to expand American-owned business and the business of military contractors into the foreign frontier at the expense of cheap young lives. We are Christian.

We preach about sending them to fight in wars abroad so that we can live free here – in a country isolated by great oceans from these conflicts. We know what we are talking about because we look patriotic and do the patriotic stuff. We showcase our love for our unique country by flagsturbating on national holidays. We are the partiotic REAL Americans!!!

Our Heroes

Tucker Carlson – he used to wear a bow tie and is Ivy league educated….BUT he is a self-righteously angry Hero of the working class and CARES about people just like you!

2. Rush Limbaugh – the man who started it all – who led OUR revolution against the real ENEMY – our own democratically-elected government. You need to get angrier and pay MORE attention to Rush – because the more attention you give him – the richer the gets. Thank you LOYAL listeners and attention-givers.

3. Ted Cruz – while his name sounds suspicious/Hispanic – he is one of US. You can tell by his smile that he is always telling THE TRUTH and not just what you want to hear so that Ted gains your trust, your vote, and your attention. TRUST TED!

4. Adolf Hitler – He gets such a bad name these days among the “mainstream media” and the multi-racial liberal animals but he recovered from a career as a failed actor before he successfully enflamed the humiliation of the German people in the 1930s and worked to restore tradition and greatness – to Make Germany Great Again. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long and the pure Nazis were defeated by the LIBERAL armies of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Now, we REAL Americans, call upon the realized Ubermench (the Superman) of pure white greatness to lead us in our campaign against the GLOBALISTS (i.e., George Soros) and the Liberal Media (i.e., the lying press)!!

Tucker Carlson, Freedom Fighter

Tucker Carlson of Fox News, former bow-tie fashion model and current working-class freedom fighter wants you to get angry about facemasks.

Tucker knows what’s best and is just asking questions.

He reports from an authentic American log cabin.

Get Angry Americans – the angrier you get, the more attention you give little Tucker and the more income he earns from advertisers. See, its quite simple.

Protect Yourself from Moloch with a Satanic Mask

It is well known that Democrats worship Moloch – the baby eating god of the Canaanites.

This is documented here by this well-written article by David Crowe on the patriotic website Restore America. David Crowe graduated from a university and is freshly shaved and well-dressed in a suit so he is smart. David Crowe started his own consulting firm to Make America God-loving and Great Again!!

Facemasks are probably linked to the worship of Moloch. I haven’t googled it yet but I will now.

Rebel, this is your time

Rebel, this is your time

You who would not take it anymore

You who would stand up for freedom and liberty

Like you have done ALL your life

Just like when you were 6 years old and….

Mummy wouldn’t give you the cookie until you tied your shoes

You are wise to the mechanizations of control

You are steeped in the science of virology

You have “done your research” online and are now an expert on a wide variety of scientific subjects

You will not let THEM put that stuff into YOUR body

Or to wear THEIR mask of evil

You will resist and rebel

You will huddle with like-minded soldiers of the rebellion in “working-class” themed craft beer bars, yoga studios and “retro” cafes

You recall the strength of your individual awakened SELF that you experienced long ago…

Like when Daddy bought you that new Porsche on your 16th birthday

You are the gym-selfie taking, modern-day yoga practicing Martin Luther King

You stand in the footsteps of Ghandi

You channel Nelson Mandela

You are a reincarnated George Washington!

Stand Up, Stand Strong and Be Proud…

So, go oo, join the Proud Boyz or at least visit their website and share their tik tok videos

Make new fake masculine poser friends at Trump and corporate-sponsored motorcycle rallies

Rebel, this is your time

Vaccine Menu

Good Evening. Welcome to “Le Vaxcinashion”. Please be seated, roll up your sleeve and make yourself comfortable.

Here is our Menu for tonight:

  1. Sinovac (for the inner exotic “rock star” in you and the safest way to explore the junkie life – like shooting up greasy deep-fried junk food behind a dirty dumpster);
  2. Sinopharm (the adult “soft-rock” (Phil Collins) version of Sinovac);
  3. Pfizer (former prom queen and now supermodel with the most Facebook friends – the vaccine that everyone wants although mostly available only in “first world” countries);
  4. Moderna (for the aspiring corporate executive class – just one shot squeezed between your conference call and 15 minute power nap);
  5. Astra Zeneca (like entering a spaceship on LSD with the rare chance of getting a blood clot and escaping this stupid world);
  6. Johnson & Johnson (sounds Anglo and reassuring….but…don’t they make baby powder and shampoo?)
  7. Wholly organic NATURAL tulsi/moringa supplemental mix made by Lola from your local organic Vinyasa yoga class – blessed with good vibes and love!!