In Defense of Tradition and Purity

In honoring the history of our Great Nation founded by great men of Anglo heritage, whose pure and clear minds, like their pure and clean bodies, we call together those who value tradition and stability.

We don’t like to see things change. We like them to stay the same, thank you. Or, if things do need to change then we want to CONTROL this change and make sure that it reflects an even more pure past.

We know that the United States of America was founded by WHITE MEN. That is not fake news, it is true, and must be respected. The values and minds of non-whites and of women are distractions from the PURE vision that these great men bestowed on us.

Immigrants bring crime, corruption, drugs, dirty bedsheets, sexually-transmitted disease and strange religions of darkness that are UNPURE.

Those of our breed bring light, goodness, and cleanliness of mind and body. We know that OUR WAY is the RIGHT WAY.

Jesus blesses those who LOVE guns, large vehicles, WINNING ELECTIONS and who get regular haircuts.

Only the purest of leaders can lead us now. That shining glory of a PURE man.

Donlad J. Trump.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Patriots! ….and Lets Go Brandon!

As we celebrate the most traditional and authentic of American of holidays – Thanksgiving – lets take a moment to Give Thanks!

We Thank:

  1. OUR TROOPS – who serve in the American armed forces (especially the nice looking white ones who sign up to serve because they may not have other opportunities to support themselves and a family and cant afford university who we send abroad to fight and kill total strangers in wars to “defend our freedoms”). Although no one has ever explained how a tribal elder in Afghanistan affects a person’s constitutional free speech rights in the United States. When they die, we give them a nice funeral with flags and stuff and tell everyone that they died a martyr for the Cult of the nation-state.
  2. OUR POLICE – who keep our streets safe from crime, black people and immigrants who cant speak English or who are just too LAZY to learn.
  3. OUR RELIGIOUS LEADERS – who preach the good word on limited federal government, low taxes, less environmental, employment and safety regulation, and other TRADITIONAL VALUES just like Jesus did before.
  4. OUR CULTURAL HEROES in the media – Our Culture Warriors – people like Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Ben Shapiro, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Marjorie Green, Rep. Jim Jordan, Sen. Rand Paul, who speak truth to the powerful professors in obscure university liberal arts departments who debate the use of pronouns while eating quinoa and drinking green tea in questionable (quasi-satanic) eastern meditation herbal gardens as they plot to take over the world.

Kyle Rittenhouse, Patriot

A young man and his gun, acting out of courage and patriotic enthusiam for the three colors that excite him like a cheetah in heat, acted in self-defense when he shot a libtard at a protest.

Honor his act with a genuine branded RAM – “Open-Carry = Self-Defense” facemask.

Lets see more brave Americans carrying their loaded weapon to all manner of political event, religious gathering, book club, Indian buffet lunch, strip club, board meeting, yard sale, bake sale, graduation ceremony, bowling alley, wedding, and court hearing.

Let no one trod on the Absolute Right of the most holy Second Amendment.

Donald Trump for Pope

Catholics of the world, UNITE!!

Let’s do this!

First, HE rose to the occasion, and our great leader, Donald J. Trump vanquished the liberals and became the President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, the GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD and maybe even the UNIVERSE.

With HIS Divine Wisdom leding our ship if State, OUR GREAT COUNTRY navigated turbid and treacherous waters.

Now, its time for HIM to TAKE CHARGE of the CHURCH and to WELCOME JESUS BACK TO EARTH!!

Only a bold leader with vision deserves to lead the Catholic Church.

That man is Donald J. Trump.

Real American Pillows

Tired of those drab, boring “mainstream” pillow cases??

Following the overwhelming success of our Real American Masks, worn everywhere from the trendiest yoga studios to the baddest rebel motorcycle clubs and tattoo parlors, we will soon be expanding to pillow cases to cover your soft Mike Lindell patriotic pillows. Turn your ordinary pillow into a Real American Pillow with one of our unique designs!

Add some excitement to your life and….your bedroom! With a genuine Satanic Pillow Case.

Although “My Satanic Pillow” supports Mike Lindell and his efforts to expose the truth about the US rigged elections (and make a little money selling great pillows at the same time), we believe that pillow cases can be a bit more exciting!

But Thanks to Mike for Showing US the Way!

Eat Christian Food

We, the Real Americans, know that only blessed food such as Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, American cheese, Dairy Queen, Corn Flakes and other food that REAL non-city dwelling Americans eat is Christian. Other food may look and sound interesting – but it is FOREIGN and EVIL!! curry? kabab? sushi? This is food for the NWO satanic mask wearing democrats!!

And by the way, what the fuck is RICE?

Vaccines ARE NOT FOOD – so why would you put them in YOUR BODY? Your body is a sacred temple so you should know that only purely processed value meals are safe and clean.

Like real CHRISTIAN meals that come with fries and your choice of drink!

Keep those hippie vegetables, “ethnic” food with rice and satanic vaccine poison out of your system and DO NOT SUBMIT to the wearing of the Satanic Mask!!

Sustainable Products made by Sustainable People

At Real American Masks, we believe strongly in purity, sustainability and holistically nurtured values.

All our masks are produced cloned replicates on the outskirts of large cities in Asia.

We care about their lives and give them hope in their future with free English lessons provided by Christian missionaries from America!

We also help our workers to develop into modern human beings by introducing them to well-known global fashion and technology brands through our Indentured Servant program.

We oppose worker union formation however because the Bible says that Jesus hated unions.

Christian Observer on masks

The Christian Observer published this very astute observation on the wearing of masks and their link to the OCCULT – that hidden words of demons and witchcraft!!

I’m not sure what they say about wearing socks, but that is another story.

So masks are OCCULT and contain hidden meaning!! There are multiple references in the Bible to the dangers of masks and the people who wear them that are discussed in the Christian Observer article below.

DO NOT submit!

Stand Your Ground!

But if you are going to wear a mask, buy one of these satanic masks – to get under the radar of the New World Order – haha – like the Hillary Clinton mask or the Bill Gates mask so you can give THEM a piece of your mind and show THEM that you know what THEY are up to.

You aren’t stupid. You are wise to their occult mechanizations. THEY cannot make a fool of YOU!!