REAL Men for Trump

We are REAL American men.

We like NFT football, beer, strip clubs, motorcycles, tattoos.

We are TUFF.

We know that Donald Trump was our guy because he knows how to talk tuff and has lots of money or at least appears to. Real men have money. Only wimps are poor.

Trump knows what to tell them dirty immigrants, exotic Moslems, and niggers complaining about being murdered by police.

We gather at meetings of like-minded tuff guys to tickle each others nuts, squeeze hairy butt-cheeks suspended in thick denim overalls, and whisper the latest MAGA gossip distributed by our media heroes.

Tucker, Gaetz, Lauren….and of course, Donald. We love them because they are so tuff and so American.

Trump was born within the territory of the United States so he is PURE and one of US. He is also very white (although tanned) and has a hot wife. What a guy!

We Are the True Christians

Jesus loved freedom….and guns.

Jesus owned lots of guns.

But he refused to protect himself when arrested by the Deep State and brought before the Roman prosector because….

Jesus wanted to become governor.

Jesus hated the poor and throught they should pull themselves up by their own fucking bootstraps.

Jesus wanted to be tougher on crime and imprison more prostitures and drug users.

Jesus loved low taxes because he could buy more stuff….like a nice car with a vanity license plate with colored lights.

The goal of life is comfort and pleasure – enjoying your stuff.

Great American Cocksuckers

Who are the most phony patriotic bootlickers, the synchophantic shifpher kissers?

The “patriots” who constantly refer to the Constiutution and democratic values while ignoring the same in favor of “our side is right”….no matter what?

The crusaders who were against the new Messiah, Donald J Trump, before they became his most argent and loyal fanatic supporters?

  1. Tucker Carlson – poster boy of fake victims and fake outrage, bow-tie wearing, Ivy Leaguer….and for god sakes….his first name is Tucker!!
  1. Ted Cruz – wastes your time while he is on the job by reading Dr. Seuss to Congress. He is so clever….but he is another phony fuck.
  1. Josh Hawley

  1. Lindsey Graham
  1. Steve Bannon – chief of the fake rebels, the battalion general leading the charge of the fake victims, another Ivy League-educated fake “man of the people” who thinks looking like a slob before the TV cameras brings him closer to the “real Americans”.
  1. Mitch McConnell – a human-sized flaccid bespectaled penis, Mitch has been calmly reading out

You Can’t Call Us Racist

Here at Real American Masks, where we support real american stuff, we are not racists and how dare the libtarded university gender-bender elite call us RACIST!


Because we now have black-skinned candidates for Senate and Governor!!

So shut up and shove it. You can try to call us backwards and tied up with worn-out religious beliefs…BUT YOU CANNOT Call Us Racist.

And if you do, we will SHOOT YOU!!

Lauren Bobert, REAL American Patriot

Lauren Bobert is a REAL American Patriot.

Lauren Bobert knows that the following things are REAL American: guns, trucks, beer, burgers, professional wrestling, bragging, bullying

Lauren Bobert knows that these things are anti-American and tools of the Communist LEFT: universities, bicycles, tea, swimming, acceptance of diversity, jazz music, vegetables

Real America’s Voice

Real America! We are talking to YOU!

You who have been ignored and ridiculed by the urban liberal elite.

Whose daughters rub themselves silly each night while watching gyrating Latinos on Youtube.

Steve Bannon speaks for you. He is one of US. He is more REAL than everyone else and is the most dedicated disciple of OUR SAVIOR – Donald Trump.

Show your support for REAL America!

Dont let THEM suppress your REAL American VOICE!!

Express your true AMERICAN spirit with a Real American Mask!!


Either you are FOR President Donald Trump and AMERICA or you are NOT!

Its that simple.

Enough of the RINOs and big city libtards and the dirty immigrants and their strange languages.

These Facemasks are for the REAL Americans. Those hard-working, proudly flag-waving, church-going heros who DEFEND us from THEIR evil – the filthy university ghettos stinking with pronoun confusion, marijuana smoke and rotting aborted fetuses.

Stand Up for what YOU Believe!!

Stand Up for America with a REAL American Mask!!