Real American Masks is a freedom-loving small business started by a middle-age angry white male who is sick and tired of the Hollywood elites and liberal university professors telling us how to speak and how to live. Real American Masks seeks to use facemasks to expose the well-known evil puppet-masters who are pulling ALL the strings behind the scenes – as well as boiling babies and fucking children. The stories you’ve heard may sound wild but they are ALL TRUE – reported on the internets by fearless non-mainstream-media websites and well-known truth-telling influencers on Facebook and YouTube.

What People Say

These Real American Masks are a perfect way to Make America Great Again.

Donald J. Trump

I wear a Real American Mask when I am out among the dirty public.

Tucker Carlson

If I have to wear a mask, it may as well be a Real American Mask.

Sean Hannity

Let’s build something together.