Great American Cocksuckers

Who are the most phony patriotic bootlickers, the synchophantic shifpher kissers?

The “patriots” who constantly refer to the Constiutution and democratic values while ignoring the same in favor of “our side is right”….no matter what?

The crusaders who were against the new Messiah, Donald J Trump, before they became his most argent and loyal fanatic supporters?

  1. Tucker Carlson – poster boy of fake victims and fake outrage, bow-tie wearing, Ivy Leaguer….and for god sakes….his first name is Tucker!!
  1. Ted Cruz – wastes your time while he is on the job by reading Dr. Seuss to Congress. He is so clever….but he is another phony fuck.
  1. Josh Hawley

  1. Lindsey Graham
  1. Steve Bannon – chief of the fake rebels, the battalion general leading the charge of the fake victims, another Ivy League-educated fake “man of the people” who thinks looking like a slob before the TV cameras brings him closer to the “real Americans”.
  1. Mitch McConnell – a human-sized flaccid bespectaled penis, Mitch has been calmly reading out

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A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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