In Defense of Tradition and Purity

In honoring the history of our Great Nation founded by great men of Anglo heritage, whose pure and clear minds, like their pure and clean bodies, we call together those who value tradition and stability.

We don’t like to see things change. We like them to stay the same, thank you. Or, if things do need to change then we want to CONTROL this change and make sure that it reflects an even more pure past.

We know that the United States of America was founded by WHITE MEN. That is not fake news, it is true, and must be respected. The values and minds of non-whites and of women are distractions from the PURE vision that these great men bestowed on us.

Immigrants bring crime, corruption, drugs, dirty bedsheets, sexually-transmitted disease and strange religions of darkness that are UNPURE.

Those of our breed bring light, goodness, and cleanliness of mind and body. We know that OUR WAY is the RIGHT WAY.

Jesus blesses those who LOVE guns, large vehicles, WINNING ELECTIONS and who get regular haircuts.

Only the purest of leaders can lead us now. That shining glory of a PURE man.

Donlad J. Trump.

Published by Theloonius

A REAL American lover of Freedom!

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