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We Must Rise Up!

In defense of our hero, former president Pickles McButtfuck – whose Florida Sanctuary of Justice has now been sullied by the filth of the satanic deep state pedophile FBI and their MINIONS! Patriots Unite! We will not let this stand! Grab Your Guns and in the name of Holy Jesus Christ defend the TV billionaire…

REAL Men for Trump

We are REAL American men. We like NFT football, beer, strip clubs, motorcycles, tattoos. We are TUFF. We know that Donald Trump was our guy because he knows how to talk tuff and has lots of money or at least appears to. Real men have money. Only wimps are poor. Trump knows what to tell…

We Are the True Christians

Jesus loved freedom….and guns. Jesus owned lots of guns. But he refused to protect himself when arrested by the Deep State and brought before the Roman prosector because…. Jesus wanted to become governor. Jesus hated the poor and throught they should pull themselves up by their own fucking bootstraps. Jesus wanted to be tougher on…


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